Virtual Workshop: Enable remote workers in 1 day with Google Cloud and itopia

Date: May 5 ,2020 | Duration: 40 Minutes | Softchoice and Google

Welcome to another month of Rapid Response Virtual Workshops. We start things off by exploring how itopia and Google Cloud together can enable DaaS across your organization quickly and securely.

Organizations need a way to rapidly and securely scale to thousands of remote users without ramping up capital expenditures, while also retaining the flexibility to scale back once their organization is back to “Business as Usual”. Softchoice works with the world’s largest companies and public sector organizations to securely enable their people to work from anywhere on any device without adding additional overhead and burden to overworked IT teams.

itopia is a cloud-native automation and orchestration solution enabling Desktop as a Service (DaaS) on Google Cloud. It makes it easy to migrate VDI workloads and deliver multi-session Windows Virtual Desktops and apps to users on any device.

Join Softchoice and Google Cloud experts as we share the future of VDI and delivering desktops in a Google Cloud environment.

What you will learn:

How itopia’s automation portal can help IT administrators quickly and easily deploy and manage users from a single, intuitive control panel in the browser
Why hosting enterprise DaaS workloads on top of Google Cloud gives customers an advantage
How DaaS on Google Cloud is different from other solutions
How users can connect to their remote desktop


Philips Benjamin, Innovation Engineer, Google Cloud

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