Virtual Workshop: Creating an Amazing User Experience with Cisco Collaboration Solutions

Date: April 22, 2020 | Duration: 45 Minutes | Cisco and Softchoice

As we all focus on how to make sure our client phone calls get answered and orders get processed during times of drastic interruption, we wonder, “How can we make our business more resilient to interruption?” We have all noticed the paradigm shift in service delivery. For years and years we have leveraged centralized service delivery (private datacenter) to ensure quality and manageability of voice, messaging, presence, meetings, and contact center.

These days, we focus on providing the most robust services to our end users (no change there), but now users expect a high quality and consistent service EVERYWHERE. High quality and reliable service is expected everywhere there’s 4g service and a smartphone. How we deliver service must fundamentally change so that user experience is still great.  It is in the decentralized model that we will find success, but there are some key design requirements and migration methodologies to consider to ensure deployment and adoption provides a great service to your end users.

What you will learn: 

  • What are the options for securely enabling end users with hybrid collaboration services?
  • What are the considerations you need to consider before you move users to hybrid collaboration services?
  • How do you implement and adopt hybrid collaboration services to ensure both security and quality?


Ryan Coverdale, Innovation Leader, Cisco

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