Virtual Workshop: Making Technology Decisions During Uncertain Times

Date: April 2,2020 | Duration: 60 Minutes | Microsoft

Whether your business has implemented a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or is about to, the burden IT decision makers face is making the right technology decisions to enable their organization to work from home. Do people have the hardware needed? Is the network ready? Are security measures in place? Collaboration tools? Business tools? What should the priority be?

On the other hand, you have various IT providers and vendors trying to help by giving away trial licenses and providing special offers on software and hardware. How can all this additional “stuff” fit into your existing environment? Is this going to increase complexity of your infrastructure? How much is this going to cost down the road?

During these 60 minutes, we’re going to share insights and help answer some of these questions, based on the most common IT challenges businesses across North America are facing today. We will also dive deep into the key criteria for selecting the right technologies and how to prioritize technology enablement for remote work, based on a comprehensive understanding of what vendors like Microsoft and Cisco are offering to help businesses with their BCP.

What you will learn:

  •  Review the top 5 technology challenges businesses are experiencing today in successfully enabling a remote workforce
  • Guidance and recommended best practices related to decision making and technology prioritization to equip remote employees
  • 30 min Q&A with our panel of experts to answer live questions related to your own environment and preparedness for truly enabling your remote workforce


Usama Zubairi, Manager, Advisory Services

Luisa Colmenares, Sr. Innovation Manager

Greg Treanor, Manager, Modern Workplace


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