Virtual Workshop: Adapting to a Modern Workforce With Microsoft Teams and Logitech Devices

We have found ourselves in uncharted territory. Many of us are working remote to protect ourselves and the people we love. It’s all part of the learning curve that businesses are finding themselves in. Human experience ties in hand and hand with business continuity.

As a business leader, are you set up for business continuity given any situation that presents itself? Remote work is uncomfortable, but it is still possible to unleash the power of your people and continue with a fully productive workforce.

Striking a balance between people and technology can reduce those frustrating technical difficulties we are all experiencing in our new work spaces.

What we will cover:

How to enable end-user productivity by aligning technology with the way people work and interact

How to ensure collaboration and enable mobility

How intuitive video collaboration can transform overall workforce collaboration into something people actually love to do.

Watch now and gain insights into how Softchoice, Microsoft and Logitech are working together to simplify technology and connect people to the digital experiences that are important to them right now.

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