Virtual Workshop: Virtual Desktop Solutions to Enable Your Remote Workforce

Date: April 21, 2020 | Duration: 60 Minutes | Softchoice

We start things off with our first Workshop this week focusing on the role of virtual desktop solutions as organizations continue to implement remote access, particularly within the context of cloud environments.

In the current environment, many organizations are looking to deploy remote desktops to end users as they embrace working from home. There are many options from various technology partners to solve this problem but it can be confusing to know how and where to start.

Join us for this workshop to try and make sense of all the options and make decisions that align to your business and minimize costs. Explore solutions that fit a variety of use-cases from vendors such as Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Google and AWS. Utilizing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) provides a secure and scalable solution for any business, anytime, on any device.

What you will Learn:

  • Discover how technologies such as Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) can deliver a secure, highly available, and customized Windows 10 multi-user desktop experience.
  • Explore how VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop and Citrix for Desktop and Applications can be integrated into WVD, all delivered in the Cloud through MS Azure
  • Understand how solutions from VMWare and Citrix provide enhanced virtual desktop and application infrastructure to maximize user experience anytime, anywhere.
  • Explore how to gain speed, agility and cost savings by only paying for desktop consumption when you need it


Scott Mattewson, Innovation Practice Leader

Matthew Raida, Innovation Practice Engineer

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