Virtual Workshop: Performance Meets Demand – Is Your Network Ready to Support a Remote Workforce?

Date: April 28, 2020 | Duration: 45 Minutes | Cisco and Softchoice

Are your employees facing connectivity challenges as you enforce a mandatory remote work policy within your organization to handle the current global pandemic? Do your users complain of a degraded VPN connectivity experience to the corporate network? Do you know if your network can handle the surge in the number of remote users accessing voice and video collaboration tools?


Whether you’re supporting remote employees working from home or essential staff at critical locations such as hospitals, it’s vital to know how your LAN and WAN infrastructure is performing to handle the sudden increase in demand.


What you will learn: 
  • VPN best practices to alleviate network traffic
  • How best to support bandwidth-intensive applications such as voice and video collaboration tools
  • The benefits of SD-WAN technology to support your critical locations & intelligently route mission critical applications


Ali Elahi, Innovation Manager

Glen Tonge, Sr. Solutions Architect

Anthony McHie, Sr. Systems Engineer

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