Virtual Workshop: The New Threat Landscape – How To Prepare With Cisco Solutions

Date: April 23, 2020 | Duration: 60 Minutes | Cisco and Softchoice

There were 3 million job openings in the US for security positions, before the latest pandemic hit us. The scramble to create a semblance of “business as usual” has caused massive rifts in security posture the world over. Unrest, confusion, disorientation – all key ingredients for spam, phishing, and other malicious activities to compromise targets.


In this webinar, we’ll discuss the key aspects of the threat landscape that need to be considered when designing a security posture. If you design your posture to address the character of the threat landscape, your environment will be poised to adapt to big shifts in work behavior and market demands. Security design remains consistent, vigilant, nimble and actionable – even when locations, devices, and user behavior change rapidly.


What you will learn: 
  • Key industry trends for the threat landscape – how do you stay informed?
  • How to posture your organization against these trends to maintain control in tumultuous times
  • With the tides of change, how do you manage effectively while balancing security needs and limiting hours in the day
  • How do you balance security with productivity from the end user perspective?


Ryan Coverdale, Innovation Leader – Cisco

Kip Schroeder, Solutions Architect, CISSP – Softchoice

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