Virtual Workshop: Creating Efficiency Through Software Rationalization and Contract Restructuring

Date: May 7, 2020 | Duration: 45 Minutes | Softchoice

In this Rapid Response workshop we take a look at how IT groups can better manage their costs while juggling multiple investments and assets to support their businesses.

The economic conditions created by Covid-19 are forcing every business to become more efficient through the reduction of costs and increasing the return from existing assets or investments. But with so many implications of reducing spend, how should IT consider its options and make decisions that achieve budget targets while maintaining core services to the business?

Join us to learn about a simple approach to discovering and categorizing all software and cloud spend in an environment for the purpose of taking short-term cost and effort out of an environment, while ensuring the right tools remain in place to support the business.

What you will learn:

  • Tools and services that can be used without cost to assess all software and cloud utilization in an environment
  • Methodologies for determining how to rationalize redundant products to a core set
  • How to restructure licensing agreements to avoid short term cost and long term risk


Chris Woodin, Vice President, Business Development & Alliances

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